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Testimonials From our Customers 

 Magnetic Travel Pillow Decreases Back Pain

I started out with a neck support and a travel pillow. I am really impressed with the quality of your products. The pillow pad is very versatile, I went on a trip and used it behind my back. Guess what, NO back pain! I am very impressed and will definitely be ordering more products.

 I'm an International Flight Attendant and I've been using your products and I'm very happy with it.  I have a work related right arm injury and the pain doesn't go away so I started looking for something to remedy my problem and that s how I found your Products through the internet.  It works and I'm pain free and I started using your travel pillow pad which addressed my sleeping problems. I bring it everywhere with me and helps me sleep well during crew rest periods in the plane.  Every traveler should have one it will make your jet lag problem go away.  I'm also using your insoles since I'm on my toes for long periods of time.  Helps a lot in blood circulation and really gives me extra energy during long haul flights.  Can't live without my Magna Paks. Thank You Magna-Pak. 

Tru-North Magnetic Mattress Pad Testimonials

I got Lyme disease when I was 13 but that was 40 years ago before they discovered it. I remember it vividly because they told me it was ringworm  and the idea was revolting to me. A Worm under my skin?!?!? Anyway, I have suffered with joint problems ever since.  About 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Lyme and they tried some therapy without knowing if there would be any effect. I think it helped a little, along with the glucosamine and chondroitin I take. But what really made a difference was your magnetic mattress pad which I slept on for about 10 years. I woke up without all the creaky joints. I had gotten to a point where I forgot what a big difference it made.  My sister in law was having terrible problems and had used (and actually wore out) an electric magnetic machine which helped her greatly. I sent her my mattress pad to see if that could help. It has indeed and she isn’t spending all that time with electricity either. Well after about a month, I was having trouble getting out of bed and walking each morning. I was getting stiffer and stiffer. My sister got me another mattress pad for Christmas (with the latex to match my new mattress) and within just a couple of days I was noticing a big difference! I will never go without my mattress pad again! Thank you Linda C.

So far I have the magnet rings, the face mask, and the mattress pad. I had a hysterectomy due to uterine cancer 11 months ago. Cannot use any medications for insomnia. I finally got 7 hours of sleep in a row after about 2 weeks of using the mattress pad. I just ordered another one for my husband and so far have referred 89 people to your website.

Recently my Golden Retreiver needed surgery and during her recovery I slept on the couch in the living room. I was miserable. This experience showed me how much my mattress pad helps me sleep and feel better. I would not trade my Mattress pad for anything. Jim S.

I have your magnetic mattress, pillow pad, seat pad, and back brace. I used to use Nikken. Your products are not only WAY LESS expensive, they work just as well, if not better. Any pain I have is relieved by using the above products. I REALLY like your products, and am waiting for the ankle wrap to go on sale!!!

My experience in using Magna-Pak's items is as follows; After hearing of the benefits of magna therapy, I started using the travel pad (the one in which you can use as a multi-positional pad), just to see if it would ease the headaches and tension.   I soon found it beneficial for that purpose. Thank You. Vicki N.  

The reason that I write to you today after only having slept one night on the pad is not my neck/back problem, it is about my grinding and clinching problem. I have been grinding and clinching my teeth for as long as I can remember. I wear a bite guard at night but that doesn't stop the clinching, it just protects my teeth. I have even been taking anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing drugs every night since last June - they don't stop my clinching. I normally wake up every morning with an incredible tightness in my jaw that is caused by my clinching. I feel it so I know that it is there. This morning - as soon as I came to an awakened state - I mean, as I was coming to an awake state. I had an amazing feeling - and very unfamiliar feeling. My jaw was NOT tight!! My mouth was relaxed. It is 2:40pm in the afternoon, I have been awake since 6:20am this morning and I am still amazed by this. Excited, expectant and amazed. I purchased the pillow pad with great hope that it would help with the pain (which is better today I must say) in my neck and back. After one night I am experiencing a benefit that I had not even expected from the pillow pad. I am very happy and very hopeful that soon all the things that I am doing to help my body heal itself will work together and I will not ever have to think about fusion surgery for my neck. Thank you MagnaPak!! C.B.

 I purchased a  Magnetic Mattress and pillow pad. This mattress has calmed my nervous system down after a traumatic event. It's enabled me to sleep after not sleeping three years. It has also helped osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis pain and has lowered my blood pressure without medication. I want to stay healthy and plan to give some of your products to help others. I purchased another Tru-North mattress pad for my daughter. I also purchased a mattress pad for my RV because I don't want to be without while traveling. I can actually feel my stress releasing while using my Tru-North mattress pad. A.H.

 About 3 years ago I was diagnosed with A Vascular Necrosis. It is a condition that causes the blood supply to the femur bone to be constricted leading to the death of the bone and causes your hip to collapse on to the dead bone. I was told that in 10 months time I would be needing a hip replacement. I bought a magnetic mattress pad from Magnapac and began sleeping on it. I had no more pain and it is now 3 years later and my hip and femur bone is fine. The Doctors told me that if it hasn't progressed in all this time that it healed itself. I bought another pad for my husbands side of the bed and he doesn't complain of back pain anymore. Thank you for providing such wonderful products. C.K.

 Just received your products - started out with a neck support and a travel pillow. I am really impressed with the quality of your product. The pillow is very versatile, I used it on a trip I took this week behind my back. NO back pain. l am really impressed and will definitely be ordering more products!! I told my husband "if this works I'm magnetizing the whole house!!" and it definitely does. Thank you so much!!

 It's been over seven months since I purchased your magnetic mattress pad, and I still need less sleep as well as sleep more soundly. The pain in my lower back is almost non-existent which before had caused many sleepless nights. If my back starts to ache after too much exertion, all I have to do is lie down on my magnetic mattress pad. What a blessing!! I have extreme joint pain from Arthritis and the side effects of a cancer medication. I started with one small pillow sized insert with magnets to try them. I put it under my hips. Within a month, it made such a difference, I sent for a larger pad. That made such a difference I gave those to my husband to use under his hips (he has had four hip replacements) and ordered even larger pads with more magnets- one for the body, and one for the upper body, plus finger rings. My husband says the have really helped him. Sometimes I go to bed early just to lay on the magnets. I get up in the morning raring to go instead of with frozen joints. I also feel they balance the magnetic fields around my body caused by all the electrical interference from outside. Sleeping on them has certainly helped elevate me moods. So Thanks! Reiki Blessings! I used the rings when I gave Reiki healing and felt an increase in the energy.

I have been using the foam magnet mattress pad for a few weeks and I slept without paiin the first night I slept on it. It is truly worth the money and not having to take medication is a God send, Thank you Magna-Pak and Thank you to Tracy for being so nice over the phone. Dom. C

I had back and neck aches.  I purchased a magnetic mattress pad.  Within a week after I started sleeping on the mattress pad, the aches were gone.  I have had my pad for 13 months, and I can say that I have felt more energetic since I have been sleeping on it. Marilyn P.

 I Just wanted to thank you for sending the magnetic mattress. I received it today. It is really very good quality, exceeding my expectations. F.C, Belgium

 I'm a 72 year-old senior who had trouble sleeping soundly throughout the night. I've tried lots of different remedies such as vitamin supplements but didn't seem to help much. Recently I purchased the Magna-Pak Tru- North Memory Foam. After a 3 month-use period, I began to experience a real good night sleep without the normal get-up-in-the-middle of the night thing, tossing & turning. It's truly a genuine product that is hard to find nowadays. Just received it yesterday. It's a VERY nice piece of work. Far better in terms of layers, durability, firmness and quality than our the Nikken pad we ordered 7 years ago. And less $ as well.

 The magnetic items I have purchased from you have made a WORLD of difference in the way I feel, For the first time in my life after being diagnosed with Osteoarthritis, I wake up with no pain after sleeping on your magnetic mattress pad. I love it so much my husband and I took it on vacation with us just so we would make sure to feel good in the mornings.  Marcella H.

I just recently bought, and received the 30x72 travel mattress pad, in two days time, and it is exactly what I wanted for our healing platform. I slept on it last night and felt wonderful this Saturday morning, and believe it or not, It was so good that I ordered two 37 x 72 for my associates in Texas, and then ordered a full sized one for my own full sized bed. D.E.J. Ohio

 I have been sleeping on the magnet mattress pad, and I wake up less often during the night.  Sciatic nerve pain is relieved when I lie on the magnet mattress pad.  D. R.

 I purchased a pillow insert, placed it in a pillowcase and slept like a baby, awakening feeling as if I had slept for hours after my first use.  Since that was so amazing, I placed it on the bed and layed my right hip on it for a few days not noticing the effects until I placed a pair of pants on and thought that the pants belonged to someone else since the right side of the pants where 2 – 3 sizes larger than my hip.  That was enough for me to realize that I was dealing with a product that worked with amazing results.  That was 5 years ago and three magnetic mattress pad purchases for myself and others.  Thank you for such a wonderful product.  I can't see myself living without one. Vicki N .

 I have purchased a mattress pad and I find I am having a deeper sleep and also I am warmer. Louise B.

We sleep on a magnetic mattress pad. WONDERFUL! After using it for a week, my husband did not snore anymore and we both wake up fully rested and ready to greet the morning with lots of energy. Have had this mattress pad for about 5 years. Love it! When on vacation, sure miss it. *

  I have always been a light sleeper.  I was on a tour in Kabul 2 years ago, for the first 10 days I was only able to sleep for about an hour a night, then I got some sleeping pills.  I had to use them every night.  At home, on a good nigiht, I sleep an average of 5 hours of shallow sleep.  Sometimes I go several nights with an avg. of 2 hours per night.  I've had your mattress pad for 21 days exactly, my amount of sleep has changed, I am getting at least 1-2 hours extra a night, but most amazingly my sleep is so deep and continuous, I don't wake up several times a night like I used to.  Thank You.  Dan J. 

 Hi, just want to tell you about the benefits I get from using the magnetic waist wrap and mattress., I used to have back pain and not enough sleep. now I seldom have the back pain and I am getting a good night sleep. Estrella H.

 The Mattress pad I ordered arrived yesterday, in perfect condition. I slept on it last night and the results were amazing. I slept through the night, without my CPAP gear, for the first time in months (maybe years!). I'm referring your company to anyone who will listen to my story. Magnetic therapy is truly amazing! Thank you so much for such prompt, courteous, professional responses to my questions and the follow up order! P.V

We have been using the first shipment here in Virginia and both my husband and I love the magnetic mattress pad and pillow insert. My husband is 58 and I am almost 50 years young, and like you have had a bad car accident, where a disk is herniated in my back. I wake up feeling so much better. We will be staying in Va for about 6 months, and traveling back to New Orleans about once a month and want to have the magnets on both beds!!| Thank you so much for all you have done for us!! You and your organization rock. I have let everyone know how helpful you have been and really appreciate your kindness. Thank you again. Best Regards, P.R. *

I recently purchased the travel mattress pad and had a very restful sleep. I will consider the full size magnetic mattress pad in the future. 

I have had wonderful success with the magnetic mattress-I used it for years for my fibromyalgia in conjunction with detoxing the body and no longer have pain or fibromyalgia. It really works. C.H.S.

Neodymium Magnets Testimonial

I want to tell you how much I appreciate what Magna Pak has done for me. Several months ago, due to extreme pain in my shoulders that was keeping me awake at night in spite of medications, and also keeping me from my normal activities; that my Doctor took X-rays and MRI of my shoulders and said I had arthritis spurs and torn rotator cuffs in both shoulders, and would need surgery in both of them. I then read in a Mayo Clinic newsletter that Magnets were an alternative treatment for arthritis. So I ordered the best magnetic mattress pad that Magna Pak had and also some Neodymium spot magnets for my shoulders. I now sleep eight hours a night and have virtually no pain in my shoulders. I live in a Sun City Community so I tell my friends what great results I've had, thanks to Magna Pak. Sincerely, V. G. - Texas P.S Since this letter this customer has ordered 3 more mattress pads for her grown children. *

Magnetic Seat Testimonial

I haven't any back problems while using my magnetic car seat pad while driving my car. I'm a believer! G.K.

Magnets Really work for Pets!

Our dog has used a pet bed because he was looking at $5,000 of surgery on his back legs. It has been 1.5 years of laying on his mat and wearing a magnet collar. He is walking on his own again.

Karen & Jack C.

Recently my dog has Petullar Luxation, a knee condition and had surgery for his knee.  The  magnapak dog pad is under his bed pillow.  He recovered sooner and both his tendons healed within one month.  He stays on this favorite pillow most of the time.  Rather than spend time at our feet.  Dogs know when something is good for them.  I am very happy with his speedy recovery.
Deborah Y.

Magnetic Insoles Increase Energy

My husband and I both use the magnetic insoles. We have so much energy, and NO sore feet. Could walk all day. 

Magnetic Back Belt worked wonders

 I've been using your magnetic support for my back pain for nearly 2 years ....  It certainly does wonders for my pain and wouldn't do without it ..... Thanks for sending me such a wonderful product ... I am pain free when I wear it .... It's a blessing ...Thanks again .... Marilyn W.

I have a magnetic knee brace that my husband wears for a 24 hour period once every few months for tendonitis in his elbow. After a few hours of wearing the brace, the pain has gone. I bought the magnetic knee wraps to wear at work knees feel better.  I did have knee surgery in April on 2007 and that is when I began to buy the magnet's that have helped me so much. I bought the elbow wraps and the wrist wrap and the ankle wraps.....I love all of your products. Brenda A.

I use the flex pad for lower back pain and I can avoid taking medications.  I keep one in the car for long rides to lessen lower back pain when traveling.  I am really thankful to have learned about magnet therapy, and I don't ever want to be without my magnet products. Debbie R.

I have worn your men's magnetic bracelet since 2005. I bought it in London ,ON. just after your store moved to Arva, ON The bracelet gave me relief from my arthritis in both my left shoulder and both wrists. Our family moved to Vancouver, BC in 2006 and I stopped wearing the bracelet. Both my shoulder and wrist became painful after starting a full time job Jan. 2007.Unable to find my magnetic bracelet, I was going to order another over the Internet and found it in one of the many boxes unpacked. Since wearing the bracelet since September 2007.  I have relief from my arthritis in my wrists and especially my shoulder which I have used more at work than normally. This is such a better solution than medication!!  I have co-workers at my hospital that will be adding to my new order this month. Thank you so much for the quality and fair pricing of your products.
Yours truly, Richard L

I had been bothered with a very stiff neck for 3 months. It was suggested that I place small ceramic magnets over the acupuncture points in the affected area. To my astonishment and delight within 4 hours the area within 2 inches of each magnets turned the once taunt muscle into mush. Finally the muscle relaxed and I was pain free. It was remarkable. M.R. Ontario

Testimonials From our Customers - Magna-Flow - Fuel Treatment

 Amazing! – We purchased a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire in 1996. In 2001 we participated in an emissions test program for the Magna-Flow Fuel conditioner. The Magna-Flow was left on the fuel line after the test which the car passed easily. We sold the car in 2003 and left the Magna-Flow in place. Recently the new owner (a friend) was required by law, to retest the emissions. The car still passed the tests. The test technician stated he had never seen such a clean engine in a car that was 10 years old. The truth is this car had never had any maintenance costs except oil changes. We estimate there was a savings of near $1000 in fuel costs as well over that period. F.R.

I recently sold my 2000 Dodge Van, which had a magnetic fuel conditioner installed. I originally drove it for 6 weeks and checked on the fuel economy before installing the magnetic fuel conditioner. I drove it for 3 ½ years and recently bought a new van. When I sold the 2000 van I had to have an emissions test done, which is the law here in Ontario. The government supervises the process. We were all (myself, the Dodge dealership and the buyer) amazed at the test results after 112,000k (70,000 miles).

Testimonials From our Customers - Magnetic Water

 I have been drinking north pole water for approximate 7 years now, I no longer take any medication for acid reflux.

I have a magnetic water magnet and my water is so much better tasting, I can tell a difference in my energy level, my skin has improved as far as smoothness, healing properties also, as the magnet has put more oxygen into my system for better healing and overall health. I again can not thank you enough for the difference you have made in my life. May God bless you all!! Marcella H.


Magnetic Water Helps With Digestion Problems.

Ever since I started magnetizing my drinking water, my digestive system is much better. I am not nearly as acidic and my heartburn is almost non-existent. Jen H

 Magna-Flow – Water Treatment

I ordered a set of 3 Magna-Flow magnets for my water system - and I'll be darned if this stuff doesn't work!!! In the past few weeks, I am noticing chunks of white crystals coming out of my faucets - and you can also tell a distinct difference in the flow and clarity of the water coming out the faucets. The water has an oily kind of "sheen" - I assume this is because of the crystallized matrix of the water ...anyway! Wow! Why can't scientists figure out what is so obvious! Of course magnets work! I imagine because of the crystallized matrix of magnetized water, the solubility of the water increases to hold more contaminants in solution. This isn't rocket science - why is there such a debate? Why doesn't anyone just do scientific tests and end the debate of this magnet stuff? Anyway - thank you - you have a great product. A.X. Alaska

Testimonials From our Customers... Regarding Customer Service

 Just received part of my order which consisted of the bracelet, and magnetic soles, I had to write to tell you that I'm VERY impressed with the quality of the items received and I am very anxious to get the mattress pad and pillows. Thanks again for the help and service that I've received.

Don H.