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04 Nov '14

Magna-Pak Magnetic Therapy Testimonials

Testimonials From our Customers -


Magnetic Insoles Increase Energy

My husband and I both use the magnetic insoles. We have so much energy, and NO sore feet. Could walk all day.

South Pole Magnetic Insoles The South Pole insoles are helping the diabetic neuropathy. My feet were totally dead but now I can feel tingles and a little burning. B. P. Baffin Island

I ordered the Sole Mates magnetic shoe inserts, upon a request from a dear friend of mine that listens to you on the radio. Well I told her I would try them, but was at my wit’s end to try any thing else. I have had tarsal tunnel syndrome in both feet since 1996 and surgery will not help me due to nerve damage. I have had insoles before with magnets and it did not do a thing for me. She told this was different, because of the North and South pole deal. Well I have worn these night and day for 3 days and noticed tonight the soreness in my feet and legs are almost gone. Just with this comfort I am impressed. I pray one day I can quit all medicines and can once again take walks and do my normal household and yard duties. Thanks for this product.

I now want my friends to know about you. As you know when I first saw you I was virtually crippled with bone spurs under both heels. I had been under a doctor’s care for several months and after a series of drugs he told me that surgery was the only answer. You fitted me with the heel pads and after some three weeks I was able to walk normally again without pain. I have kept those heel pads in my shoes ever since and have had no further discomfort. Reverend G. .D. Ontario (1986)

I bought your magnetic shoe inserts for my feet....they are wonderful ...I have bought several pair since then for all of my shoes so that I do not have to move them from shoe to shoe. B.A

Doctor Says Magnetic Wraps Eases Acute Pain

I prescribed knee supports to two of my patients who were afflicted with acute knee pain due to Osteoporosis. During the first three days, more than fifty percent of the pain was gone. I gave magnetic headbands to three patients and the results have been satisfying. I also prescribed a neck pad to a physician patient of mine who suffers from arthritis in the neck area and his pain has been subsided. Sincerely, Dr. Bahmann A.

I've been using your magnetic belt for my back pain for nearly 2 years .... It certainly does wonders for my pain and wouldn't do without it ..... Thanks for sending me such a wonderful product ... I am pain free when I wear it .... It's a blessing ...Thanks again .... Marilyn W.

Before I began using magnets I had carpal tunnel pain in my wrist that was so bad I could not even write a check....I was considering surgery, I tried the magnets 1st and wore the wrist wrap all the time and now I do not have the severe pain anymore. B.A

Magnetic Therapy Helps Abscessed tooth

I was diagnosed, through x-rays that I had an abscessed tooth. My dentist was on vacation, so I had to wait a week before he could take care of me. I decided to wrap the magnetic back belt around my head, Velcro-ed it in place, went to sleep. The next morning the tooth ache was gone and I cancelled my dentist appointment. It had been one year and the tooth has not hurt since.

I have a magnetic knee brace that my husband wears for a 24 hour period once every few months for tendonitis in his elbow. After a few hours of wearing the brace, the pain has gone. I bought the magnetic knee wraps to wear at work ...my knees feel better. I did have knee surgery in April on 2007 and that is when I began to buy the magnet's that have helped me so much. I bought the elbow wraps and the wrist wrap and the ankle wraps.....I love all of your products. Brenda A.

I have been using magnets for years, as well as recommending them to anyone that would listen. I have arthritis in my lower back and when it starts bothering me, I use a back magnet against the area and it is like putting ice on a burn. The relief is immediate and allows me to continue with all of my activities. I have other magnets I use (bracelet, rings, mattress pad) to keep me healthy and to speed healing injuries. Thanks for offering a quality product at an affordable price. I wouldn't be witout mine. Kay C.

I have a herniated disk in lumbar #2, I golf and ski 4-5 days a week, lift weights, etc. Since I discovered magnet therapy I have not needed a cortizone injection for over 2 years. I wear it every day. Rick C.

I use the flex pad for lower back pain and I can avoid taking medications. I keep one in the car for long rides to lessen lower back pain when traveling. I am really thankful to have learned about magnet therapy, and I don't ever want to be without my magnet products. Debbie R.

Magnetic Flex Pad Helps Sore Arthritic Hip

I get a sore hip from digging, used your magnetic flex pad, the pain was gone after 4 hours. Thank you so much! V.M.

This item purchased for 80+ lady who fractured hip and elbow. She reports the flexible magnet very helpful in controlling the pain experienced. Thank You. M..M.