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Magnetic Block Magnet

Magna Pak

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Magnetic Block 4 x 6 x 3/4" . Washable removable cover, North oriented.

(only available in USA) other countries please email with quotation.

North pole treated water may be used to help the absorption of nutrients. Magnetic water has lower surface tension which makes it more penetrating and more easily absorbed by the cells.  Magnetized water or liquids can be made in several ways. Water can be magnetized as it moves through the water pipe or by applying a magnet to a container of liquid. Regular users of magnetic water keep a container of water or juice on a flat ceramic block magnet in the refrigerator. If water is treated while moving through the pipe it will be fully magnetized as it comes out of the tap. When a large container of still water is treated with magnets it will require several hours to become fully magnetized." This excerpt was taken from "Magnetic Therapy Today" by Fred Rinker

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